[FX.php List] Re: [FX.php_List] Problem displaying results of FMEdit() with over 40 vars

Head Honcho headhoncho at customikesolutions.com
Thu Apr 2 16:39:46 MDT 2009

Hi David,

If some of your fields are coming from another file, make sure that  
file has "edit" permissions for the web "user".  Otherwise it'll fail.

On 03/04/2009, at 7:51 AM, David Cox wrote:

> I've got a problem I've been banging my head against all week.
> I've got an FMEdit() which displays the results fine with only about  
> 10 returned vars.  However, when I try to return over 40 vars from  
> the same layout (which updated in FileMaker fine), the data does not  
> display for the all the vars.  I can see the updated data in the  
> FileMaker db, but it does not display in the returned result.
> Is there some sort of limit on how many vars I can return and  
> display after an FMEdit() function?  Everything worked fine before I  
> tried to go for the full record.  I've checked all my $data vars in  
> the html to make sure they are echoed out in the html output and  
> they are fine.
> Here is the code that is haunting me. (specifically the foreach  
> section in second half)
<snip />

> Thanks,
> David
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