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Blair Duncan Blair.Duncan at bbdo.ca
Sat Nov 22 08:37:32 MST 2008

On 13/11/08 12:26 PM, "Anders Monsen" <andersm at alamark.com> wrote:

> Revisiting this function, is it possible to get the FileMaker record
> ID via current( )? I use this to pull fields from a found set of one,
> and I need to send over the recid in a form.
> Until now I have been using something like this:
> foreach($createResult['data'] as $key=>$value) {
> $recordDetails = explode('.',$key);
> $currentRecord = $recordDetails[0];
> }
> While I like the elegance of current( ), I am not sure how to isolate
> the recid piece, which would be very useful.
> Thanks,
> Anders

As others have commented, I find it a bit confusing to see a foreach loop
when I know there is only 1 record. I prefer the use of current() and key().

$thisRecord = current($result['data']);
$thisRecord_IdMod = explode('.',key($result['data']));

$thisRecord_Id = $thisRecord_IdMod[0];
$thisRecord_Mod = $thisRecord_IdMod[1];

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