[FX.php List] [OFF] FMS server leaky on OS X...?

Jon & Jane Montgomery vicepresident at comcast.net
Mon Nov 17 20:10:48 MST 2008

    I see what you mean.  I will start tracking this now.  Restart always
seems to fix it.  But hate to restart when on battery power.  As in the
movie, Apolo 13 "power is everything."

    Thanks for the heads up!

Jon Montgomery

On 11/17/08 7:34 AM, "Steve Winter" <steve at bluecrocodile.co.nz> wrote:

> I don't user Dreamweaver... tend to use Eclipse for development work
> as it integrates nicely with Subversion which I use for version
> management of source code...
> When I see in the activity monitor is that the java process belonging
> to user fmserver begins to eat up CPU resources... when I initially
> posted this comment, it was consuming around 90% of a CPU (so just
> under half all available system resources)
> Still not really sure what/why, but a restart of either the service,
> or the machine solves it...
> Cheers
> Steve

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