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Jonathan Schwartz jschwartz at exit445.com
Sat Nov 15 19:40:51 MST 2008

I use the WYSIWYGPro product.


>         Can anyone recommend a relatively straightforward solution for this?
>         I need a WYSIWYG editor to submit data from (any) web 
>browser to a web-enabled .fp7 database.  The database if fully FX 
>         I want users to have the ability to submit bold, underline, 
>italics text.  Also, bullets.  (Spellcheck too -- but I have that 
>reasonably well handled with aspell.)
>         Formatted text may be entered via the web, submitted-to and 
>viewed/edited-in FMP, and called back to the web for further 
>         I have succeed at length in setting up two different systems 
>which accomplish this using different WYSIWYG editors.
>         - The first uses the DevEdit editor product.  I built a 
>series of PHP functions which decode the "editorized" html and 
>translate into FMP TextStyleAdd functions.
>         - The second uses the Cute editor product.  For this, I 
>built a series of FMP custom functions which do the same.
>         However, the system is unwieldy, complicated, and takes a 
>long time to re-produce.
>         I write to ask if anyone has any experience with this 
>situation.  I would welcome and would appreciate any advice.
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