[FX.php List] Leopard, FMP 9, and FMP 8.5

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I've got Leopard running on my test Mac Mini... all seems to be fine  
once I changed the language to "US" rather than "Australian"... both  
9 and 8.5 crashed when set to "Australian".

It now asks me if I want to use system settings or file settings when  
I open files, but selecting file settings (Australian) works fine.

I haven't done extensive testing, or tested other mission critical  
apps (CS3, MoneyWorks) or FMP 6... but it seems to work fine.

BTW... the web viewer crasher bug (with safari 3 beta) seems to be  
fixed... I can now drag and drop from a FileMaker layout into a  
webviewer input box!

I also had FMSA9 [dev version] installed on this box when I did the  
upgrade.  The admin console works.. but needed reinstalling, but the  
database server and php server are stopped, and won't start.

Hopefully FMS(A)9 will be fixed soon.

Hope this helps.


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On 27/10/2007, at 3:01 AM, Bob Patin wrote:

> From reading FMI's latest posting about the known issues between  
> Leopard and FMP 9, it sounds like one of the issues is IWP, and  
> another has to do with setting the language in Leopard.
> From this, I'm wondering if FMP 9 would run in Leopard; I'm itching  
> to see the new OS, but hesitate to put it on my laptop for fear of  
> being dead in the water.
> Is there anyone on this list who's done any beta-testing of Leopard  
> and who could now comment on this? I wouldn't dare go to Leopard on  
> my FM servers but am wondering how bad it would be if I were to put  
> Leopard on my laptop, where I do the bulk of my programming.
> Along these lines, I'm also wondering about FMP 8.5, which I  
> occasionally run.
> FWIW, I've always been an Apple early-adopter; I was one of those  
> guys in line at the Apple Store at 8AM, and must say that I haven't  
> regretted it one minute... :)
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