[FX.php List] email() Set up: fx.hp, php.ini or OS X Server?

Jonathan Schwartz jonathan at eschwartz.com
Mon Sep 11 11:42:13 MDT 2006

I think that that means to use the SMTP option in email(), right? 
And I can do that by either setting the variable option at the time 
of send , or modifying the php.ini.

Is that right?


At 1:24 PM -0400 9/11/06, DC wrote:
>I just use SMTP to authenticate outbound emails which puts all the 
>right information in the headers.
>I've used the PEAR email class for this, but there are many email 
>scripts out there that can show you how to do SMTP sending without 
>the overhead of a big old PEAR lib.
>On Sep 11, 2006, at 1:05 PM, Jonathan Schwartz wrote:
>>I need to set up mail() to work properly on my server.  It works 
>>now, but I know that it is not set up properly, and will probably 
>>run afoul of spam filters.
>>I'm not sure if this is an fx.php coding issue, a PHP.ini issue or 
>>an OS X Server/Apache issue.
>>This is the header of emails as they arrive today:
>>Return-Path: <www at localhost.localhost>
>>Received: from localhost ( by exit445.com with ESMTP (Eudora
>>  Internet Mail Server X 3.2.4) for <jonathan at exit445.com>;
>>  Sun, 27 Aug 2006 06:43:38 -0700
>>Received: by localhost (Postfix, from userid 70)
>>         id F0670CDA95; Sun, 27 Aug 2006 06:43:37 -0700 (PDT)
>>To: jonathan at exit445.com
>>Subject: Blah Blah Subject
>>From: admin at exit445.com
>>Message-Id: <20060827134337.F0670CDA95 at localhost>
>>Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 06:43:37 -0700 (PDT)
>>The environment is as follows:
>>OS:             OS X Server 10.4.6
>>MailServer      Eudora (EIMS) (Not using OS X mail application)
>>DefaultDomain   exit445.com
>>It looks like I have to define:
>>         - local host
>>         - return path
>>         - userid = 70? That's the ID for root on the OX Server, I think.
>>Normally, I could work thru this, but with three different places 
>>to make changes, I thought I should ask.  I'd like not to upset the 
>>production mail server. ;-)
>>Thanks very much.
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Jonathan Schwartz
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