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Do, Jerry H jhdo at Central.UH.EDU
Fri Sep 1 14:24:04 MDT 2006

hi, you might try something like this.

$q = new FX($serverIP,$webCompanionPort);          
$q -> SetDBData('somedatabase.fp7','account');     
$q -> SetDBPassword($webPW,$webUN);                 
$q -> AddDBParam('id','="'.$id.'"',"eq");  
$qResult = $q -> FMFind(); 

if ($qResult ['errorCode']==401)
     echo "No account found... proceed to register.";

else if($qResult ['errorCode']==0)
      echo"you are already register";
I am not good with PHP yet, but I think something like that might work.
Good luck,


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Just wondering if someone can help me I have a form where students enter 
their student number. When this is submitted I would like the database 
to be searched for the student number, if it found it should give a 
message saying You are already registered otherwise it should create a 
new record with that student number and display a form for the rest of 
the details (0bviously I can code the form myself but how do i do the rest)


Erik Andreas Cayré wrote:
> Den 01/09/2006 kl. 17.01 skrev gerry.charest at agfa.com:
>> Thanks for your post Erik and Dale but, when all else fails RTFM. I  
>> found this in the FMSA8-Web-Installation manual.
> I couldn't have said it any better... I stand corrected!
>> Installing plug-ins for the Web Publishing Engine
> ...
>> I added a copy of the plug-in to the specified location and  restarted 
>> the service and Life is good again!
> Thanks for putting the solution on the list, so we may all learn...!
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