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Kevin Futter kfutter at sbc.melb.catholic.edu.au
Mon Feb 27 19:27:31 MST 2006

On 28/2/06 12:38 PM, "Bob Patin" <bob at patin.com> wrote:

> Thanks for letting me know about receiving my own posts; that explains it! :)
> Well, here's the odd thing: when I try the link, I see a URL in the browser,
> but it doesn't pull up any records. I see that the skip value is set to 20,
> which is what I've got set, but the odd thing is this:
>  I'm searching a field called model_no in the database
> On my form, the search field is called "model" in the form; on the processing
> page, I set a variable called $model to the $_POST value. In the URL for
> linkNext, here's what it says:
> ...?skip=20&model=LONG1&Submit=Continue+%3E%3E&
> The odd thing is that it says "&model=LONG1"; well, LONG1 is the search term
> that I'm using, but the field I'm searching should be "model_no" and not
> "model," which is just the name of the variable that I set from the form. So
> the link is being built, the skip value is being set, but the rest of this URL
> is just wrong...
> Any thoughts?
Normally this would be because the field is named incorrectly. If you¹re
sure that¹s not the case, then something strange is happening. You¹d
normally want your field to look something like this:

<label for=²model²>Model #: </label><input type=²text² id=²model²
name=²model_no² value=²²>

Sorry if this is obvious to you!

Kevin Futter
Webmaster, St. Bernard's College

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