[FX.php List] calling scripts from FX help

Greg Lane glane at moyergroup.com
Thu Oct 20 23:17:08 MDT 2005

I don't believe it is possible to execute any of the non-web  
compatible script steps (which includes Export Field Contents)  
through FMSA. There are some ugly workarounds, like using some sort  
of triggering mechanism to fire off a script on an FMP client machine.

Is there any possibility of also putting the contents of the  
container field's text files into a text field during the import/ 
insert process? PHP can read the contents of a text field and write  
it to a file.


On Oct 20, 2005, at 11:34 PM, Michael Layne wrote:

> Well, I've been doing this quite a while, and for some reason, I  
> cannot make a script happen...
> ...

> I think it's the script itself...
> Go to Layout [...]
> Export Field Contents[...]

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