[FX.php List] Re: Re: Using one query to feed another (GS)

Glenn Singleton glenn at thesingletons.id.au
Wed Oct 19 12:52:12 MDT 2005

Dan wrote
hen your process goes: get key from user cookie, use key in find
request, pull results into array for use in your fieldname headings.

Thanks Dan for these thoughts, I will develop the system (we  
currently have volunters for about 16 languages)
as you have suggested and maybe post a url for some on this list to  

As I mentioned, the code for this project will be available, and as  
my 4th "production" fx.php site, I still have a great deal to learn  
and any comments will be welcome.

Glenn Singleton
InfoCenter Foundation, Inc
A Non Profit  Membership Charity registered in La, USA

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