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Michael Layne fx at 9degrees.com
Tue Oct 18 17:08:13 MDT 2005

alternate colors...

     $counter = 1;
     foreach ($r['data'] as $l) {
         if ($counter % 2 == 0) {
         echo "<tr class=\"even\">\n"; // CSS rule makes background- 
color (transparent/#ffffff)
         } else {
         echo "<tr class=\"odd\">\n";  // begin row 2 CSS rule makes  
background-color (#f3f3f3/whatever)
         ++$counter;        // The '++' operator increments the  
argument it accompanies.

I usually just grab the 'returnedCount'

     $q = new FX($ip, $port);
     $r = $q->FMFind();

if ($r['foundCount'] <= 0) {
     echo "<p>Sorry, no records found....</p>\n";



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On Oct 17, 2005, at 1:36 PM, Peter Bates wrote:

> Brief about myself: I've just started using FX.php, (I was using  
> FileMaker's XSLT), for my custom web publishing. My knowledge of  
> php is at the learning stages too. I have FX.php in 8 Hours, (book  
> and video series), and FXForge 2.0.
> I have been able to understand most of the code that is produced by  
> FXForge, but when it comes to the code that is provided by Chris  
> Hansen's examples that he provides, I quickly get lost, since his  
> code is structured so much differently that the FXForge-produced  
> code. I've been trying for weeks now to integrate two features that  
> he provides in his index.php code into my search_results.php code  
> without any success. If anyone could please help me understand how  
> to do the following two items, I would be eternally grateful.
> In his Book List Example, he shows:
> 1. The data rows displayed in alternating colors.
> 2. A "plain english" message is returned when no records are found.
> That's it. I can see where in his code that he does this, but I  
> just don't understand how to get the same results with my code.  
> This is the only bit that I lack to consider my code to be  
> complete. The URL for this is at:  http://fmcwp.sjcpl.org/tribindex/ 
> index.php
> Peter Bates
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