[FX.php List] [ANN] Upcoming FX.php Class

Chris Hansen chris at iViking.org
Mon Oct 17 17:00:04 MDT 2005


I wanted to let everyone know about an upcoming FX.php being offered  
by the Moyer Group.  I'll include the full announcement text at the  
bottom, but a couple things to keep in mind:

1) The class runs 5 days, but you don't have to attend all 5 days.   
The class is designed so that each day the topics covered get  
increasingly complex (so someone with a good grasp of the basics, may  
only need the last 2 or 3 days, for example; for details see  http:// 

2) The class will be taught by Jonathan Stark and I, so if you take  
the full 5 days, each of us will be the primary instructor for a  
couple of days.

I hope to see you there!


Chris Hansen, a new addition to The Moyer Group and the creator of  
FX.php, has authored a 5-day course called FileMaker Web Publishing  
with FX.php. Each day of the course is focused on a particular  
subject area, and students may want to register for some or all of  
the days depending on their expertise. Please review the Course  
Selection Grid at www.moyergroup.com to determine which days would be  
best for you.

Topics Include:

* Software and Hardware requirements
* Creating a FileMaker file to be published to the Web
* Installing and configuring FileMaker Server Advanced
* HTML basics
* PHP basics
* Primary FX.php actions and functions
* Retrieving raw FileMaker data using FX.php
* Formatting raw FileMaker data as HTML
* Debugging FX actions
* Best practices

Please visit www.moyergroup.com for detailed course
descriptions, scheduling, and online registration. Or call (866)  


Chris Hansen
Application Developer
The Moyer Group
Phone: (801) 796-1677
Fax: (404) 377-1395
chansen at moyergroup.com
Creator of FX.php
"The best way from FileMaker to the Web."

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