[FX.php List] Visual cue when processing a long, multi-record edit request?

Kevin Futter kfutter at sbc.melb.catholic.edu.au
Wed Oct 12 18:45:24 MDT 2005

On 13/10/05 10:21 AM, "Steve Winter" <steve at bluecrocodile.co.nz> wrote:

> Joel,
> Let us assume that the form is contained thus;
>   <div id="editForm">
>     ...your form...
>   </div>
> and the processing area thus;
>   <div id="processingNow" style="display: none">
>     ...we're processing your submission...
>   </div>
> In your validate form script (for want of anywhere better to put it), just
> before you return true to enable to form to submit, add the following two
> lines;
>   document.getElementById(processingNow).style.display = '';
>   document.getElementById(editForm).style.display = 'none';
> Which should have the desired effect...not tested, written off the top of
> my head, think I got it right... (also not sure how valid/cross platform
> it is, but think it should be pretty okay that way too, at least for
> 'modern' browsers)
> Cheers
> Steve

The first JS line should end: display = 'block';
And when you grab an element by ID using getElementById, you need to quote
the element ID (eg document.getElementById('processingNow'))

Kevin Futter
Webmaster, St. Bernard's College

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