[FX.php List] Problem Accessing Images From FileMaker DB through PHP(FX.PHP)

Debabrata Pati pati.debabrata at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 05:26:54 MDT 2005

 I am facing problem when accessing image from FileMaker Database.
 First of all my software specifications:

   - Filemaker Server Advanced 7 (FileMaker 8 DB Hosted)
   - PHP Version: 4.3.3
   - FX.PHP 4.0.0
   - windows 2003 sever

When i access the image for a search result listing.
It is showing the image of 1st record and reapeats the image
of first record for the rest of records.
 I am using image_proxy.php for accessing image records.
 The code is like below:
  $fxob=new FX(' <>',80,'FMPro7','HTTP');
  foreach($dataArray[data] as $val){
 echo '<img src="'.$image.'">';
Please reply if u have any solution.
Also tell me if any other way available for accessing the image from DB.
Debabrata Pati.
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