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Michael Layne fx at 9degrees.com
Fri Oct 7 07:23:29 MDT 2005


I posted this within the last couple of weeks, but it is universal to  
FX (I think...)

When building solutions via XML (FX.php) for the web, I always take  
the following steps:

- create a separate layout for anything that is called via XML.
- only place pertinent, necessary fields in the layout.  related  
fields are fine, but use only what you need...  you want it  
practically naked, it's so spartan.
     (* remember, if you have related fields that are not always a  
'valid' relationship, place them in portals)
- summary fields slow things down, as well as anything that slows  
down FMP.  It's hard if you have a primarily FMP client based  
solution, but I usually try to do all logic, calculations, etc within  
PHP.  When it comes to the web, it helps to think of FMP as a place  
to store data whenever you can.  I start that way, then add the  
necessary FMP functionality.

I have had considerable success sticking to these guidelines.



On Oct 7, 2005, at 9:00 AM, Scott Baetz wrote:

> All,
> I am the webmaster/dba for http://www.bays.org.  We are a non- 
> profit organization within the Boston Massachusetts area providing  
> scores and standings information to young boys and girls and their  
> parents.  Ok, enough background.
> We migrated from a ColdFusion MS Access solution to FM7 and FX.php  
> earlier this year.  The product is much more to our liking, since  
> we can use the FileMaker database internally (the administrative  
> staff are MAC users and very proficient with MAC and FileMaker) and  
> we provide a nice interface to our end users through the web.   
> However, now that we are within full season and we have over 5,000  
> hits to the site per day, and are constantly generating server  
> timeouts.  We are using a G5 dual processor with 1gig Memory  
> running OSX server…
> Given that our database includes a limited number of tables, and in  
> total we have less than 20,000 records, I suspect that we are in  
> need of some optimization.  Herein lies our struggle.  While we can  
> easily create more layouts, and change FX.php queries, I would like  
> some general “Optimization Techniques” or guidelines to follow.  As  
> an example is it better to push FX.PHP query data into arrays and  
> loop through the PHP array, or when is it as easily acceptable to  
> use the foreach loop through the query results from the FX.php query.
> My hope from this message is that someone might provide the “Five  
> Golden Rules” to FX.php programming or something similar….
> Best regards,
> Scott Baetz
> sbaetz at soscs.net
> (603) 490-9988
> http://www.soscs.net
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