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Scott Baetz sbaetz at soscs.net
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I am the webmaster/dba for http://www.bays.org <http://www.bays.org/> .  We
are a non-profit organization within the Boston Massachusetts area providing
scores and standings information to young boys and girls and their parents.
Ok, enough background.


We migrated from a ColdFusion MS Access solution to FM7 and FX.php earlier
this year.  The product is much more to our liking, since we can use the
FileMaker database internally (the administrative staff are MAC users and
very proficient with MAC and FileMaker) and we provide a nice interface to
our end users through the web.  However, now that we are within full season
and we have over 5,000 hits to the site per day, and are constantly
generating server timeouts.  We are using a G5 dual processor with 1gig
Memory running OSX server. 


Given that our database includes a limited number of tables, and in total we
have less than 20,000 records, I suspect that we are in need of some
optimization.  Herein lies our struggle.  While we can easily create more
layouts, and change FX.php queries, I would like some general "Optimization
Techniques" or guidelines to follow.  As an example is it better to push
FX.PHP query data into arrays and loop through the PHP array, or when is it
as easily acceptable to use the foreach loop through the query results from
the FX.php query.


My hope from this message is that someone might provide the "Five Golden
Rules" to FX.php programming or something similar..


Best regards,




Scott Baetz

sbaetz at soscs.net

(603) 490-9988



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