[FX.php List] Required files?

Allyson Olm allyson at fmwebschool.com
Thu Nov 17 13:11:19 MST 2005

Hi Elleni,

The files generated by FXForge expect the FX documents to be in the FX
directory inside the site folder.

In kindness,
Allyson Olm
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OK, so we put the three required files into our web server's library 
folder... If we have only one FileMaker Server hosting all the databases 
(for different sites), can we set the IP of the server in one place? 
Will, FXForge know about the FX class being located "centrally" or does 
it expect the FX folder is in the site folder?

Sorry for being so confused, but I don't know anything about php. I did 
lots of CDML, but this is not quite clear in my head.



Chris Hansen wrote:
> Elleni,
> There are really only three files required for FX.php:
> 1) FX.php
> 2) FX_Constants.php
> 3) FX_Error.php
Steve Hannah wrote:
> Hi Elleni,
> There is generally library folder that is separate from your 
> webserver's document root where you can place PHP libraries such as 
> FX.php.   Any libraries that are kept in this folder are available to 
> be used by any php script on your webserver.  This directory will be 
> included as part of the include path. 
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