[FX.php List] Limit of Filemaker Server Advance 7 with PHP

Dominique Uris dominique at macsol.ca
Mon Nov 7 16:28:19 MST 2005

Hi List!

System: Filemaker Server Advance 7 with Fx.php

I will deploy a new web site pretty soon.  My web site is really simple 
a list layout , a detail page and maybe 15 text fields in ~ 50 records. 
I was wondering a couple of questions:

-Is there a limit of php request (FindAll() Find() View()...) that can 
be made during the day or at the same time?

-Do you need a web server specified in "Filemaker Server Advance " even 
if your not using "Instant Web Publish"?

-Do you have to pay attention to "Filemaker Server Advance " session , 
or it as to do only with "Instant Web Publishing"?

-Do you have any suggestion, what to do and not to do, for a public web 
site that can get +10000 hits a day?



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