[FX.php List] Calling a script through the XML interface

Dennis Crall dennis-crall at uiowa.edu
Fri Nov 4 12:11:04 MST 2005

Thank you to Greg and Stephen. Your answers were very informative.

I was hoping that -script was a peer of -find and the other query options
such that I could set values in a user's record, execute a script to build a
result set (based on those values), and return the result set as xml.

I guess we'll have to resort to making multiple find requests and building
the result set ourselves.

Thanks again,


On 11/4/05 11:51 AM, "Greg Lane" <glane at moyergroup.com> wrote:

> Dennis,
> CWP's URL syntax has a -script query parameter that can be used with
> the -find, -findall, -findany, -new, -edit, -delete, -dup, and -view
> query commands. There are also -script.prefind and -script.presort
> parameters that can be used with the find commands. I don't think
> there is a way to pass script parameters...you'd have to use global
> fields. Remember that values placed into global fields will not
> persist past the current request.
> Check the FMS7A Custom Web Publishing Guide for more details.
> Greg
> On Nov 4, 2005, at 11:27 AM, Dennis Crall wrote:
>> I'm helping someone with a custom web publishing solution, and they
>> want to
>> call a script to do a multi-step find. I'm having a hard time
>> tracking down
>> information on this part of the cwp spec.
>> If someone can shed light on any of the following questions, I'd
>> appreciated
>> it.
>> 1. Does FileMaker have any documentation covering this topic?
>> 2. Can you pass parameters to a script through FX and the XML
>> interface?
>> 3. Does the -script option have to be called with -find or -findall
>> or is it
>> a peer to these options?
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