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Milos Vukotic milos at mcservices.com
Mon Nov 22 08:41:26 MST 2004

Not just number-fields, any fields with particular characters (like 
"@")... Look at my previous posts.
There is NO good work around in FM7.  Maybe after v9 everything will 
work as it is supposed to!?

Milos Vukotic
Software Engineer
MC Services

Baard Belsaas wrote:

>I have made my first fx-site in FM5, and get it working!
>Now I have converted this to FM7. After a bit of troubles I can acsess the
>database from the site, and searching on a text-filed is ok. But when I
>search on a number-filed its "game over"; the found counter is "-1" and the
>current error=401.
>Search is the same to number- or textfield? Or have I sleeping in my
>In kindness
>Baard Belsaas
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