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Steve Winter steve at bluecrocodile.co.nz
Mon Nov 22 00:32:39 MST 2004


Couple of quick questions...
  1. have you got the latest version of FX.php, there is a new version
required for FM&
  2. have you told that version you're now working on FM7 and no longer on

401 is simply a 'no records match that criteria' type issue...perhaps you
could post the code that you're using...??


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> Hello, 
> I have made my first fx-site in FM5, and get it working!
> Now I have converted this to FM7. After a bit of troubles I 
> can acsess the database from the site, and searching on a 
> text-filed is ok. But when I search on a number-filed its 
> "game over"; the found counter is "-1" and the current error=401.
> Search is the same to number- or textfield? Or have I 
> sleeping in my fx-lessons?
> In kindness
> Baard Belsaas
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