[FX.php List] [ANN] New Version of FX.php -- The Best Way from FileMaker to the Web

Chris Hansen chris at iViking.org
Tue Dec 28 16:17:14 MST 2004

Announcing version 3.1 of FX.php -- a free, Open-Source PHP class which 
makes FileMaker Pro Data accessible via PHP.  FileMaker Pro's 
Ease-of-Use and feature set have earned it a place in the hearts of 
many users.  PHP is fast, flexible, and able to access most any 
database.  With FX.php, users can perform searches; update, delete, and 
edit records; execute scripts; and more!

Version 3.1 fixes a minor bug related to using FX.php with FileMaker 7.

For a complete history of changes (and those who made them possible) 
please visit:


To download the latest version of FX.php go to:


FX.php is a PHP class which combines the ease of use of FileMaker Pro 
with the power of PHP.  FX does this by parsing the XML created by 
FileMaker's Web Companion or FileMaker 7 Server Advanced into a 
multi-level array.  Once in this form, you can use PHP's powerful 
functions to sort, display, and otherwise massage your data.  There are 
even hooks built into FX to allow it to work with a MySQL caching class 
developed by Chris Adams.  This cache improves the performance of your 
web-based FileMaker solution by up to two orders of magnitude.  Best of 
all, you don't have to give up FileMaker Pro's ease-of-use to get all 
of this.

Using PHP to serve your FileMaker data has a number of advantages:
- PHP is free and cross-platform
- Numerous, powerful, and widely varied functions
- Excellent on-line Documentation (see www.php.net/manual/en/)
- Hundreds of books on the subject
- PHP is incredibly fast

For more information on FX.php, please visit the official home page -- 
www.iViking.org -- and follow the link on the front page.  For answers 
to your questions, send e-mail to FX at iViking.org, or join the FX.php 
list at iviking.org.  FX.php is released under the artistic license of 
PERL fame, with portions released under the PHP license.

For more information about PHP in general, visit www.php.net.

--Chris Hansen
   creator of FX.php
   "The best way from FileMaker to the Web."

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