[FX.php List] [Off] Obtaining daylight vs standard time within FileMaker

Troy Meyers tcmeyers at troymeyers.com
Sat Nov 20 06:47:57 MST 2010


Yes, I do make my own date, a simple calculation for the correct formatting. I just needed a reliable method to determine the time zone atom, in my case either -0700 or -0800 depending on whether it is Daylight or Standard time. In the US they have changed the shift-date scheme a few times, and by getting it from the OS I don't have to worry about maintaining a date calculation that might become obsolete.

The shell date call to the OS is working fine! I just hated to have to use yet another plugin. I guess I was wishing for Get(CurrentTimeZone) in FileMaker. To me it doesn't seem unreasonable.


> Why don’t you just make your own date? I do not understand why you try
> to use a date that is already there?
> ggt

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