[FX.php List] [Off] Obtaining daylight vs standard time within FileMaker

Troy Meyers tcmeyers at troymeyers.com
Fri Nov 19 07:03:48 MST 2010

I've found one solution, though I don't know if it's a good one.

There's a FileMaker plugin called bBox that allows shell commands to be executed and results returned in FileMaker. So, I can use the bBox plugin function:

bBox_Shell( 0; "date" )

...which returns the result from the MacOS command "date" which looks like:

Fri Nov 19 05:58:08 PST 2010

...into FileMaker which of course I can test for PST or PDT. (The "0" in the function just determines how newlines are translated in the result.)

I haven't tested to see if this call has a significant time overhead, but if so, I could just call it once a day at 2:01 AM or something for use the entire day.

Does anyone have a better solution?


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