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Bradley Creamer creamerbradley at fhda.edu
Mon Nov 1 17:47:21 MDT 2010

Hi Leo,

Thank you for the ideas. Keep them coming!

For this system, I have increased PHP execution and memory allowance 
triple the normal amount. There are other functions/scripts that I use 
that are much more processing intense than this "delete found records" 
script. And, there's nothing in the error log/access log of the server 
that indicates a time out. The server is set to show any and all 
warnings and errors (it's a DEV server). But I get nothing, just a blank 
page after about 30 seconds.

Just a point of clarification, in FMPv6, the script - and the resulting 
Web page - worked fine. I know that there are (many) new things to 
consider in FMPv11, including script execution permission. I'm working 
out the kinks in the upgrade. Aside from the additions to the FMPv11 
version of the script I mentioned below, am I missing anything else that 
might be causing the Web page hang up?

Many thanks for leads and suggestions,

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> Could it be a timeout in PHP? You don't mention how long it takes before you get the blank page in the browser.
> Try to establish whether it takes the same amount of time before it blanks out, each time you try it. If so, it might be that the PHP script takes too long, so the PHP engine shuts it down to prevent stale scripts.
> There's a setting for this in PHP's configuration called max_execution_time. You can also set it in the script itself using set_time_limit() (see php.net/set_time_limit). I believe the default is 30 seconds.
> 30 okt 2010 kl. 01.32 skrev Bradley Creamer:
>> Hi FX folks,
>> I have a script that deletes a found set of records. I've found the script executes fine from a Web page call, but the resulting Web page hangs, in other words, after many seconds, a blank page is returned.
>> Having converted the database from FMP6 to FMP11/FMPSA11, I've updated the script to have the "Confirm" statement and I even added the "Exit Script" directive after that; still it hangs.
>> But, again, the script does execute in the background, deleting all found records, so I'm pretty sure I have the permissions set correctly. However, I set a global field to capture script results (as stated in the "Exit Script" directive) but nothing is captured.
>> So, it's deleting the found records, not returning the result, and hangs the Web page.
>> Any thoughts? Below is the script in it's entirety.
>> Thanks for any and all help,
>> Bradley
>> **************** Script:
>> Delete All Records [No dialog]
>> Commit Records/Requests [Skip data entry validation; no dialog]
>> Exit Script [Result: "All Deleted"]


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