[FX.php List] Script executes, but hangs web page

Joel Shapiro jsfmp at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 1 17:07:22 MDT 2010

Ah...  You're saying that FMS will not run an FM script on the  
"intended" found set if the FX call to the FM script comes in a  
separate call to the DB than the FX call that gathers the found set.   
I see the analogy to a "WebUser" not holding global values between  
calls to the DB, but that line I responded to seemed misleading re:  
running scripts, since (I believe) the FX call to scripts comes  
*within* a standard query.

Thanks for clarifying.

p.s. My post was not a response to Bradley's original post.  Just a  
quick clarification hijacking ;)

On Nov 1, 2010, at 3:51 PM, Tim 'Webko' Booth wrote:

> Dear Joel,
>> Is that really true that one WebUser session can step on another  
>> WebUser session??  That sounds awfully dangerous...
>> (Current versions of FMS?)
> Theoretically yes, if you rely on something staying the same between  
> requests.
> In practice, not really - everything is done and dusted in one hit -  
> the find is done and sent back, then the next request is handled as  
> a brand new login and request, and then the next... It's why globals  
> generally don't work properly, as they get reset to default for  
> every request.
> In this case, I suspect a time out issue but a simple delete script  
> on not many records shouldn't cause that.
> But a find, then followed by a separate script call might allow that  
> to happen, as that would be two different requests.
> I'd need a copy of the database and the php to work it out any  
> further than that though
>> -Joel
>> On Nov 1, 2010, at 3:28 PM, Tim 'Webko' Booth wrote:
>>> I would be especially careful of Scripts if you could have more  
>>> than one web user, as you cannot tell what the 'Found Set' may be  
>>> - it is possible for WebUser1 to run the find, WebUser2 to also  
>>> run a find, and then have the script triggered by WebUser1, which  
>>> may have unintended consequences...
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