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I'm late to the conversation, but have some input to share:

On the project I'm involved with now, we moved the database server into the museum for which it was designed. There's also a web app to go with it, and their IT guys have never been able to get the web server to work with the database server (you can imagine how impressed I am with these idiots).

So I finally created a 2nd database with only the tables that I use to sell tickets on the web, and it works fine. Here's the rub, and why I mention this here:

I couldn't find a way to synchronize these 2 databases; I wrote a script that would pull new orders into the "parent" db, but without opening the 2 databases on my machine (one on one FM server, the 2nd on another 700 miles away), I couldn't get the script to fire.

Finally I hired the good Mr. Chris Hansen to write a method for pulling the data using XML; as you might imagine, his solution works great, and it gets triggered everytime a sale occurs in the parent database, which is constant throughout the day. 

So if you do go to a 2-database solution, where one is doing just web work, you may keep this in mind as something that will need to be done.

Of course, if pulling the web records can occur less frequently, you can either have someone do it as they work in the database, instead of requiring a solution like I used here...

Hope this helps,

Bob Patin

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On May 6, 2010, at 2:47 PM, Jonathan Schwartz wrote:

> Hey Joel,
> No PHP scripts calling FileMaker scripts.
> Since writing the original post...only minutes ago....my thinking has matured.  There is stuff going on in the  native solution (not under my control) that will continue to go on. I have now decided to isolate the web solution from it rather than attempt to fix the other side.
> So, the question now boils down to practical ways to isolate a web solution from a 2 machine deployment, where:
> 	Machine1 = FMSserver 10 with MainDB and WebDB
> 	Machine2 = FMSserver 10 Web Engine, serving WebDB
> This one just ocurred to me: Turn Machine 2 into a single machine deployment Web Publishing machine running the WEBDB. This will probably mean purchasing another copy of FMServer.
> Short of doing this, I was wondering if simply adding a new hard drive for the WebDB into machine 1 would be of any benefit.
> That's where I am right now.
> Jonathan
> At 12:12 PM -0700 5/6/10, Joel Shapiro wrote:
>> Hey Jonathan
>> It seems that if your performance picks back up again in the evening, then it's probably not connected to slow record creation (I also had a recent web slowdown due to their FMP person having added auto-enter calc fields based on a bad relationship).
>> Are those FM scripts connected to the PHP calls to the DB, or are they being run by users in FMP?  If they're called by the PHP, can you temporarily disable them to test whether or not they're the cause?
>> HTH,
>> -Joel
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