[FX.php List] XML login failing

Thu Dec 18 16:11:51 MST 2008

Hi all,

I've got a really weird situation that I've never seen before, and  
which I can't seem to resolve...

We've just set up a new FMSA 9 server, uploaded a number of databases,  
and some code from an existing server. Some of the databases will play  
happily, but two of them simply won't... If I turn on debug, then I  
get links generated as I would expect... on one page I have three db  
calls, two to one database which fail, one to a different db which is  

When I click on the debug links for the two calls to the db that fail  
I get prompted to login, which I try to do, using the credentials for  
the db, but it just fails... with the link that does work, I don't get  
prompted for the username and password, I just get the XMl data as I  
would expect...

I tried turning off the XML permission for the files that are a  
problem, and when I do that I correctly get an 802 error back... turn  
XML interface back on, I get an FX error...!!!

The weirdest thing is that I have the exact same dbs running on a  
different installation, which is fine...

This is the latest updates of FMSA 9 on Win 2k3, IIS...

Anyone seen this before or got any ideas... this is really doing my  
head in...!!

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