[FX.php List] FMPServer 9: Performance Issues

David Walton dw at coredbs.com
Wed Dec 17 12:06:24 MST 2008

I have sites hosted on two instances of Filemaker Server 9 running on Mac
OS X 10.5 Server, interacting with Apache for CWP.  Both machines have
fast processors and lots of RAM.

In one instance, both FMPS and the WPE are on the same machine.  In the
second instance, FMPS is on one machine, and Apache and the WPE are on the
other machine.

Both sites receive fairly heavy traffic with lots of CWP interactions
using FX.

My issue is that performance gradually deteriorates.  After restart,
things move well.  But, according to Activity Monitor, nearly all Free RAM
is consumed by the end of the day.  And things get comparably slow.

I write to ask if others have suggestions on how to optimize long-term 
performance, or if there is a reference which lists best practices for
server configurations.  (I have FMPS configured for peak performance, I

Any suggestions would be welcomed and appreciated.


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