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FHASELTINE at aol.com FHASELTINE at aol.com
Thu Nov 16 20:30:33 MST 2006

I want to thank Bob Patin for walking me through making a field that starts 
out as a new table -and the field can then be edited by people with permission 
sets. I set up a new table with only 3 fields.   The "recede," the "statement" 
and a "pk_number."

I created a single record and I placed my text in the "statement"
    An edit link comes into play for people with the correct access level and 
they go to the edit page for that single record using a fixed id number in 
the link.

The pk_number = a fk_number in my main table and therefore I can show 
"statement" as a portal field, on my more common pages.
I can therefore let people know quickly what work needs to be done.
Thanks again

Florence Haseltine
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