[FX.php List] Error message that has me stumped...

Derrick Fogle derrick at fogles.net
Sat Feb 4 09:26:39 MST 2006

This could be something as simple as an extra return at the top or bottom of
one of your files that's pulled in with an include() statement before
regular HTML output starts.


The cart is using header() statements, presumably to send cookies to the
browser. There's something in the code above the header() statements that's
creating output that is sent to the browser. Find the header() statements,
and work backwards from there, making sure all the code above it - and
included files - aren't sending any output.

Derrick Fogle
fogles.net consulting


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Hello list,


I've been trying to squash a bug in a shopping cart and have one last error
that has me completely stumped. The error message is below:


Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers
already sent (output started at
/Library/WebServer/Documents/newvisions/cart/checkout2.php:1) in
/Library/WebServer/Documents/newvisions/cart/checkout2.php on line 1


It doesn't keep the page from working; in fact, all part parts of the page
work just fine. I can't figure out, though, why I'm seeing this.


I tried commenting out all of the PHP code, short of a few echo commands
inside the HTML code, but haven't been able to suppress the error message. I
know about the error_reporting() command, which will hide the error message,
but I'd really prefer to find and fix the problem.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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