[FX.php List] Solved: malloc errror from fx.php with PHP5 on Mac OS X Server

David Milley MILLEY at email.chop.edu
Sat Feb 4 08:24:19 MST 2006

It turns out that fixing this problem was easier than finding out how

Today, I downloaded and installed the latest Zend accelerator engine
from zend.com. Once installed, I confirmed that the new version of the
accelerator had indeed loaded, opened my errorlog tail, then fired up my
application. Both problems -- the segmentation fault (11) throwing the
malloc error and the failure of the $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] -- have
disappeared.  And no warnings in the error log either.  I think I'm good
to go, at least for now.

The version of Zend Accelerator that ships with the current Liyanage
package (PHP 5.0.4 for Apache 1.3)  is v2.0.4-dev, with no additional
supporting software. 

The current version of Zend available for Mac OS X from zend.com  is
also v2.0.4-dev, but is also uses Zend Extension Manager v1.0.9 and Zend
Optimizer vGaspra Beta2. I note that the Extension Manager's copyright
has been updated to include 2006, which implies a pretty recent update
at their end -- and from my debugging, it appears to have been at least
one of the extensions that was misfiring.

I'm a latecomer to PHP -- I'm still clearing the chads from my
80-column FORTRAN punchcards -- but "Segmentation fault (11)" appears to
arise frequently, and from a number of different sources, ranging from
unseated memory cards, to bugs in PHP itself, to OS X-specific glitches,
to bad application code.  So, no one solution to this error will apply
to every case.  That said, here's my problem's original environment
again, in case anyone else has this particular variation:
       OS X Server 10.3.9 Server
       Apache 1.3.33
       PHP 5.0.4, from Liyanage
       Zend v2.0.4-dev  (needed to be updated with latest package from

Thanks for this forum -- it's great reading, and frequently helpful,
even in lurk mode.  To which I now return.

David Milley, Web Technical Developer
Stokes Research Institute, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
ext: 215-590-1197 / int: 41197

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