[FX.php List] Development under FM8

Greg Lane glane at moyergroup.com
Mon Apr 17 18:45:26 MDT 2006

Hi Steve,

Yes, FMSA is required. I'm not sure what your options are in NZ. FSA  
members in the US receive a FileMaker Server 8 Advanced Development  
License...which I believe is limited to three users. See:


Anyway, assuming your laptop is a Mac, you can certainly use Apache,  
PHP, FMSA, and FMPA together. Just be sure to manually stop/start FMS  
when the laptop sleeps/wakes. If you use a Windows laptop, you'll  
need to use IIS instead of (or perhaps in addition to) Apache.


On Apr 17, 2006, at 7:18 PM, Steve Winter wrote:

> Hi,
> I think I've just discovered something which many of you already  
> knew, and
> it's not making me very happy, so I hope I'm wrong, and just missing
> something...
> I'm about to start the process of migrating a large system to FM8.  
> We've
> purchased our various copies, FMP, FMD (well actually FMA I guess) and
> FMSA. I've got as far as setting up FMD on my laptop, and having a  
> play...
> (we're still just waiting for the hardware that FMSA will be  
> installed on
> to be delivered...)
> This solution has a substantial custom web publishing component,  
> which I'm
> going to need to convert from CDML to use FX.php...
> In my initial exploration this morning I think I've discovered that  
> there
> is no way to test/develop custom web content using FX.php without  
> FMSA...??
> Please tell me I'm wrong...?
> I travel a lot of the time with my work, and am used to having a  
> complete
> setup on my laptop (Apache, php, FMD, web companion) which enable  
> me to
> test and develop content where ever I am, then upload to the  
> appropriate
> server...it seems that this isn't now going to be possible...?
> Could I bite a very expensive bullet and install FMSA and FMD on my
> laptop simultaneously...?? Mind you, I think I'm going to
> need another FMSA license anyway by the loos, and more hardware, so  
> I can
> set up a development server... not so happy about that at $1,800  
> NZD for
> the software alone...!!
> How are others handling this new situation...?
> Cheers
> Steve

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