[FX.php List] How to Add record to one table and update record in another?

Derrick Fogle derrick at fogles.net
Mon Apr 17 13:54:26 MDT 2006

I posted a response for this on the fmwebshcool.com forum.

There's more than one way to accomplish the task; in the forum I  
mentioned being able to add a record via a portal, but I don't  
actually do it that way myself.

Having two instances certainly works. One for editing the existing  
ticket and one to add a new record for time tracking is how I handle  
this in my job tracking system. Just don't end up getting real crazy  
and putting instances inside foreach loops that end up driving dozens  
of transactions, because you won't be very happy with the speed.

On Apr 17, 2006, at 2:36 PM, Dan Gardner wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a DB for service calls. One table has the tickets, one table  
> has the hours charged to those tickets, related by ticket number.   
> I want the field tech to enter the disposition of the ticket  
> (update the ticket record), and the hours they spent (add a record  
> in the hours table).
> I have the update part down but I am getting hung up on the adding  
> a record to the second table.  Can I do this with one form.  Can I  
> have two instances on the same page?  Please point me in the right  
> direction.
> Thank you
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> Dan Gardner
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