[FX.php List] Self-relationship

Anthony Talo alatalo at chartermi.net
Thu Sep 29 07:38:07 MDT 2005

Hello List,

Thanks to all of you who have put so much time into this project, esp. 
Chris and Gjermund...

The FM7 db I'm using has a self-relationship portal. I can display the 
data fine when there is one item in the portal but I can't get PHP to 
loop through all the items in the portal. I'm new to PHP and did this 
originally in XSLT.

$search_result = new FX($serverIP,$webCompanionPort);
$c_recordInternalID = $_GET[c_recordInternalID];  #from the request URL
$recordData = $search_result->FMFind();

<?php if ($recordData['foundCount']==0) { ?>
		<td><p>There were no matches for your request.</p></td>
<?php }else{ ?>
<?php foreach ($recordData['data'] as $recordKey=>$recordData) {     ?>

#this works fine - the portal for the self-relationship only has one 
<td class="rwrt">Image Class:</td>
<td class="rw">
<?php if($recordData['Image_Class'][0]== 'Primary')  { ?>
<span class="rdb">Primary </span>Image for Stock Number:
<span class="b"><?php echo $recordData['Stock_NumberMFG'][0];?></span>
<?php }else{ ?>
<span class="rdb">Secondary </span>Image for Stock Number:
<span class="b"><?php echo 
<?php }?>

<td class="rwltcl"><b>Stock Number: </b></td>
<td class="rwltcl">
<?php echo $recordData['Stock_Number'][0]; ?>

#but this doesn't work

  <td class="rw">		
<span class="b">Secondary Image (s) Assigned:</span>
<td class="rw">
  <?php    	echo $recordData['SELF_scimage::Image_Number'][0]; ?>
<?php } ?>
<?php } ?>

I tried putting it in another foreach loop but it didn't work. Is that 
the right approach? If it is, then I'll keep pounding away at my 
understanding of PHP. If not, is there a better way? Moving the 
self-relat portal to a separate table?

Thanks in advance,
(I'm on digest, so if you could cc my address that'd be helpful)


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