[FX.php List] Using key other than RECID

Steve Winter steve at bluecrocodile.co.nz
Sat Sep 24 16:11:20 MDT 2005

To respond to your emails in the order received;
1.  the / at the end of the <input> tag in the previous example I sent to 
you is to ensure that the code is valid XHTML. Many tags have an opening and 
a closing tag, eg <html></html>, <p></p>, <form></form>, however the <input> 
tag does not, so to ensure valid code it becomes 'self-closing' by inserting 
the / after the parameters.  Other similar tags include <br /> and <hr /> 
2.  the 'locking up' is not good...first off I'd ensure that you have all of 
the 'upgrades' available for which ever version of FM you're running...I've 
seen similar experiences described previously which have been remedied, 
particularly with the latest version of the Web companion plugin (assuming 
you're on <v6)
3.  I know there were a couple of suggestions made last time you asked a 
similar question...the simplest one to implement at this point was the 
suggestion someone made to use a php include, to simply 'include' 
details.php, with the correct recID passed to it in the php source, into 
your login_validate page.
The more complex solution would in fact be to build your entire solution 
into just one page, (which is how I'd have approached this), then rather 
than posting back to different php docs each time, you'd post back to the 
same page, but pass an additional parameter (perhaps called 'action') which 
the page would then use to determine what to do...within the page you could 
use the 'switch' command (see php manual) to switch to the different blocks 
of code you've already written...the advantage of that is you can change the 
value of 'action' post processing within the page to display different 
information... It's Sunday morning here in Australia, and I'm off sailing 
for the day...if you're interested I'll try and put together a demo for you 
this evening if you send me your source files...
Hope this helps...

> Hello again.
> Last on the list of important enhancements to include in my first 
> solution is to change the key field used to get from page to page.  I 
> am currently using recid, which appears on the URL.  Since this is 
> generated by FMP and is sequential, it is easy to guess the next 
> RECID and view another person's record.
> I am using session.fp5 for the logon page and index.php page (copied 
> from "Dogwalk"].  User is arriving to logon.php with user name and 
> password.  After that, the solution uses recid through the rest of 
> the screens: Detail.....Edit....Review...End.
> I understand that I can use SessionID, which will be invisible on the
> URL.
> Is this the way to go, or is there a better method?
> Here's the URL if you'd like to look:
>   Test Username and password are
> shown.
> Would be happy to post code.  Thanks!
> Jonathan
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