[FX.php List] Run PHP with FMSA on Windows with Apache ?

Greg Lane glane at moyergroup.com
Fri May 27 10:48:41 MDT 2005


I haven't specifically tried this but you should be able to enable  
IIS using a port other than 80. Then your FX.php scripts would simply  
need to reference this other port to access your FP7 data. Something  
like this:

     $request = new FX ("", "8080");

Users would continue to access the Apache server at the standard port  


On May 26, 2005, at 5:11 AM, Johan Visser wrote:

> According to the FileMaker documentation FMSA webpublishing requires
> Microsoft IIS Webserver.
> I have a few sites running with EasyPHP/MySQL with an Apache  
> Webserver.
> Does anyone know if and how it possible to keep the Apache  
> Webserver and run
> FMSA underneath it, with some sites or pages referring to MySQL  
> databases,
> others with FX.php using FileMaker databases.
> (Win2000Server, FMSA7, EasyPHP 1.7, IIS disabled)

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