[FX.php List] did Filemaker through PHP without FMServer come out?

John May jmaymailing at pointinspace.com
Wed May 25 14:53:28 MDT 2005

Lynn -

Note that we offer our FileMaker Basic account with 1 database for 
$40/month, cheaper than the $60/month you mention.  We also offer 
discounts for multiple-month payments.

Additionally, you can use any HTML-type account to access databases 
on a FileMaker-level account with us, meaning you could get 1 
FileMaker account and multiple other cheaper HTML-type accounts to 
talk to the databases on the main FileMaker account.  You would also 
earn reseller discounts with us in this arrangement.

Have a look at our services at <http://www.pointinspace.com/> if 
you're so inclined, and feel free to ask any questions directly to me 
you may have in addition to the info on our site.

We try to make FileMaker hosting as affordable as possible, while 
maintaing the level of service we've come to be known for.  And our 
services are a great alternative for those who can't (shouldn't have 
to) afford their own servers, software licenses, etc.


	- John

>Wait a second ... I just re-read what you (Chris) wrote and 
>something clicked with me. Would this work? (this is in addition to 
>my last message)
>When you said:
>"FX.php does NOT need to be on the same machine as FileMaker, it 
>just needs to be able to communicate with a machine running 
>If I host my client's sites at hosting company "A" ... can I then 
>host their Filemaker database at hosting company "B" and server it 
>all effectively as if it was drawing from one server smoothly?
>If yes, that would mean I could buy hosting for say 4 databases for 
>at company B for $60 and divide it between 4 clients and only need 
>to charge them $15 to cover the costs ... rather than each of them 
>paying $60 per month.
>Is there a flaw to this idea? I have a few small clients who need 
>the db, but just can't pay the $60+ per month additional for hosting.


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