[FX.php List] FileMaker 7/8 and PHP WITHOUT FX.php?

Elleni B Fellows ebf at umn.edu
Fri Dec 2 06:03:45 MST 2005

That is what I figured, I just don't know enough to explain that. I'd 
hoped finding FX would help make FileMaker more palatable to his group. 
We FileMaker folks want their support with our web pages because they 
have the current php skills. We are not asking them to rewrite any of 
our databases, but I think that's really what is wants to do in the long 
run-- in something else.

BTW, thanks Marco. I don't speak Italian, but I'll run your reply 
through the Google translator and hope the meaning does not get lost in 



Steve Hannah wrote:

> I would say that the ball is in his court if he is interested in using 
> XML but doesn't want to use FX.  Any solution that he derives to get 
> Filemaker data into PHP using XML will basically constitute a rewrite 
> of FX - since that is what FX does.
> On 1-Dec-05, at 5:29 PM, Elleni B Fellows wrote:
>> So, I work in an environment that has both FileMaker lovers and 
>> haters. I had hoped our web developers would work with us and our FM 
>> databases to get them on the web with php. They currently use lots of 
>> php with MySQL. Today the lead developer told me he doesn't really 
>> want to use FX.php and wants us to find a way to use the XML out of 
>> FileMaker without the FX library. Don't ask me what his deal is... I 
>> come from the old CDML school of FM on the web and am just starting 
>> to get interested in using php instead. I had hoped we FileMaker 
>> folks could use FXForge to create to basics of our sites and get the 
>> "web team" folks to help dress them up later. Anyway, I need to meet 
>> with him next week and explain why I want to use FM and FXphp for our 
>> solutions. My answer right now would be because that's what most of 
>> the FM community is using! But I don't think that will be enough for him.
>> Thanks for any advice!
>> Elleni

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