FX.php Sites

The links on this page are sites that are either powered by FX, or deal specifically with FX. If your site isn't here and you think that it should be, send an email to fxphp<at>iviking.org!

The Travel Nurse web site
The Travel Nurse web site serves both those in the travelling health care business, and those who would like to hire such professionals.

According to Steve Murray, the site's developer, the site "depends heavily on Dynamic content from FileMaker Pro" and "All data is exchanged and displayed using FX.php !" The site itself is very well put together.
Learn about FX.php in French
Philippe Waterloos has translated the FX.php documentation into French! He's also written a nice article about FX.php. If you're looking for more information about FX in French, his site is the place to go.
Travel Site Powered by FX.php
The dynamic content on Intair's site is powered by FileMaker Pro and FX.php (or it was the last I knew.) The back end work (although not the graphics or web design) was done by Philippe Waterloos.