FX.php Links

Since many of the people who might be interested in FX might not be familiar with PHP -- or the XML support in FileMaker for that matter -- here are some links which may be helpful:

Longterm Solutions
Longterm Solutions provides consulting for and hosting of both straight FileMaker and Web-enabled FileMaker solutions. They also donate the hosting for the FX.php examples. Whatever your FileMaker needs, give them a shout and they'll lend you a hand.
The PHP On-Line Manual
This is the English version of PHP's official on-line documentation (versions in other languages are linked from this page.) It's very good. There are even user submitted tips, clarifications, etc. If you're new to PHP, or thinking of starting with it, check it out!
Point in Space
Looking for someone to host your FileMaker solution powered by FX.php? Point is Space has been hosting FileMaker solutions for some time (and yes, that includes FX.php based sites as well.) If you're working with FX.php and you need someone to take care of the hosting for you, head over to their site.

Let 'em know you heard about them here.
How does a PHP class sound that draws about any kind of graph that you could want? Now suppose that class spanned the gamut from easy setup for basic data sets to powerful handling of complex data, does that sound interesting? If so, check out JpGraph.
JetBrains does the best IDE in the world. Period. If you're going to be programming in PHP, PhpStorm is the tool you want to be using. Yes there are free tools out there. But PhpStorm has a 30 day free trial so you can decide if you like it (and programming PHP, for that matter), and quite frankly it's worth paying for. You can thank me later.