[FX.php List] [OFF] Recommendations for Web Server specs?

Malcolm Fitzgerald malcolm at notyourhomework.net
Thu Mar 24 03:09:55 MDT 2016

Hi Joel,

If you are building a web server which does not run the WPE then you can 
get by with very modest resources. You could probably convert the old 
server to BSD/Linux and do well enough.

It is the server running the WPE that has to be fast enough and have 
sufficient RAM to manage requests.

     Are you able to flood the server in normal usage?   Get a faster CPU.
     Are the data sets large? Get more RAM.

Say you have a fast CPU and lots of RAM. The question then is how well 
are the web-apps and the databases written.  Do the apps enforce limits 
on searches and found sets to prevent the server from choking? Do they 
cache session data? Do they cache data sets across sessions? and so on.


On 24/03/2016 6:10 AM, Joel Shapiro wrote:
> Hi All
> I’ve got a client whose IT dept is spinning up a new VM to serve as a vanilla Web Server for FM CWP.  There’ll be no FM components on this machine.
> I’m not so good with hardware/OS… so I’m looking here for recommendations :)
> There will be 5-10-ish CWP sites running on their server (each just in a sub-directory of wwwroot), with up to 400-ish users, although generally not all at the same time.
> They've found that the following specs "seem to be consistent with both Filemaker and Microsoft.”:
> Processors: 4 Core
> RAM: 8GB+
> HardDisk: 160GB
> All of their other servers are still running Win Server 2008 R2, but this one may go up with Win Server 2012, and it seems we may be able to ask them for pretty high specs.
> FWIW: This will be replacing an older Web Server that’s running:
> Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
> 16GB RAM
> 2.10 GHz (2 processors)
> 64-bit
> 40GB HD
> Any words of advice?
> TIA,
> -Joel
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