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Jon Montgomery fxphp at igsmasouth.org
Sat Oct 31 21:49:27 MDT 2015

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the info.  I put the code in and this is what it yielded:

FX: ExecuteQuery XML error: SYSTEM or PUBLIC, the URI is missing at line 1

Could this be a Filemaker Server 14 port conflict?  When I installed (or deployed, I don’t remember) but got the message that ports 80 and 443 were in use click to disable those other applications using those ports (or something to that effect).  I did.

After that, the FMS tests all worked but I had no PHP (in phpinfo.php) running.  Poked around in terminal and got Appache running and got PHP info page up.  But then get these FX_Errors as in original post.

Could my server set up be what is causing  my problem since I cannot get any XML data from the link?



On Oct 31, 2015, at 10:26 PM, Chris Hansen <chris at iViking.org> wrote:

> Hey Jon,
> Are you sure that XML sharing is enabled on FileMaker Server on your local machine?  Basically, the URL that you see there is (semi) equivalent of the request being made to FileMaker.  You should be able to click on that link and get back the XML that FileMaker outputs.  For some reason, the connection to your locally running FileMaker isn't working, and that's the bit that you need to debug.
> At any rate, when you get an FX error object, it means that FX was never able to connect to the server for one reason or another.  Something that even experienced developers tend not to do, that they should be doing, is trap for errors.  So, that would look something like this:
> // the rest of your query code would be above this
> $qResult = $q->FMFind();
> if (FX::isError($qResult)) {
>     echo $qResult->getMessage();
> }
> elseif ($qResult[‘errorCode’] != 0) {
>     echo "A FileMaker error occurred ({$qResult[‘errorCode’]})";
> }
> else {
>     // your data set logic goes here
> }
> FYI, the curly braces inside the FileMaker error quotes help PHP to parse where the variable begins and ends.
> --Chris

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