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Malcolm Fitzgerald malcolm at notyourhomework.net
Sun Nov 1 15:14:25 MST 2015

Before you do anything else, try using HTTPS instead of HTTP.


On 1/11/2015 4:49 pm, Jon Montgomery wrote:
> Hey Chris,
> Thanks for the info.  I put the code in and this is what it yielded:
> FX: ExecuteQuery XML error: SYSTEM or PUBLIC, the URI is missing at line 1
> Could this be a Filemaker Server 14 port conflict?  When I installed 
> (or deployed, I don’t remember) but got the message that ports 80 and 
> 443 were in use click to disable those other applications using those 
> ports (or something to that effect).  I did.
> After that, the FMS tests all worked but I had no PHP (in phpinfo.php) 
> running.  Poked around in terminal and got Appache running and got PHP 
> info page up.  But then get these FX_Errors as in original post.
> Could my server set up be what is causing  my problem since I cannot 
> get any XML data from the link?
> Thanks!
> Jon
> On Oct 31, 2015, at 10:26 PM, Chris Hansen <chris at iViking.org 
> <mailto:chris at iViking.org>> wrote:
>> Hey Jon,
>> Are you sure that XML sharing is enabled on FileMaker Server on your 
>> local machine?  Basically, the URL that you see there is (semi) 
>> equivalent of the request being made to FileMaker.  You should be 
>> able to click on that link and get back the XML that FileMaker 
>> outputs.  For some reason, the connection to your locally running 
>> FileMaker isn't working, and that's the bit that you need to debug.
>> At any rate, when you get an FX error object, it means that FX was 
>> never able to connect to the server for one reason or another. 
>>  Something that even experienced developers tend not to do, that they 
>> should be doing, is trap for errors.  So, that would look something 
>> like this:
>> // the rest of your query code would be above this
>> $qResult = $q->FMFind();
>> if (FX::isError($qResult)) {
>>   echo $qResult->getMessage();
>> }
>> elseif ($qResult[‘errorCode’] != 0) {
>>   echo "A FileMaker error occurred ({$qResult[‘errorCode’]})";
>> }
>> else {
>>   // your data set logic goes here
>> }
>> FYI, the curly braces inside the FileMaker error quotes help PHP to 
>> parse where the variable begins and ends.
>> HTH
>> --Chris
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