[FX.php List] FileMaker Server 14 and FX.php

Chris Hansen chris at iViking.org
Tue May 19 20:52:09 MDT 2015

Hey John,

It's the XML bug that made the 'FMAlt' datatype (and associated coding) necessary in FX.php when working with portals.  Basically, when using FMPXMLRESULT, it would only output one field in a portal for each one that contained data -- so if you had a portal row with an empty value, everything in the field after that empty record value would be off.  I called attention to it in an early release of FMS11 (before official release) and it was fixed, but then reappeared in FMS12, and remained most of the way through FMS13.  It was fixed in the last couple of months, though the fix is not acknowledged in any of the version notes that I've looked at.  Many of those on the list have fought with it and/or reported it to FMI.  The reason that I'm wondering whether it's fixed in FMS14, is that the fix appeared when 14 was nearly complete...



> On May 19, 2015, at 6:03 PM, John May <jmaymailing at pointinspace.com> wrote:
> I haven't tested, but can you detail the XML bug that was fixed in 13, and which rev fixed it?
> 	- John
> On 5/19/15 6:28 PM, Chris Hansen wrote:
>> Hey Folks,
>> I'm going to have to update my server hardware to test compatibility
>> between FMS14 and FX.php, but I have started to receive questions
>> about compatibility.  Rather than wait for me to get around to a
>> hardware upgrade (up to my ears in alligators right now...), I have a
>> few questions for all y'all:
>> 1) Has anyone tested FMS14 with FX.php?
>> 2) For anyone who has, any particular observations, gotchas, etc.?
>> 3) Also, has anyone tested to see whether the XML bug fixed in FMS13
>> is still fixed in FMS14?
>> Thanks!
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