[FX.php List] Web publishing issues with Windows IIS and FileMaker 13 Server

Bob Patin bob at patin.com
Mon Mar 2 14:31:06 MST 2015

I have a client who has just put up a virtual machine running Windows IIS; he’s installed a web app that I wrote for him  for FileMaker Pro 13, and which works normally on my Mac servers.

On his machine, we get all sorts of odd errors, one of which is an “undeclared variable” error which refers to a variable that *has* been declared on the page. Even when I try setting a value into the variable, I *still* get the undeclared variable error...

He installed PHP 5.5, then when the WPE didn’t work he re-deployed so that the server is running 5.3, which is what FileMaker Inc. recommends. I wonder if he somehow messed things up by having 2 instances of PHP on the same machine (he claims to have removed the first instance, but I suspect there may be remnants lurking about).

Has anyone run into similar issues, and if so, how did you resolve them? Is there a PHP.ini setting that we might tweak that would get him going? 

I’m not at all a Windows Server expert, so even though I’m fluent with FMS on the Mac, I’m not much help with his Windows box.

Thanks in advance,

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