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Joel Shapiro mail at jsfmp.com
Thu Jul 9 13:35:36 MDT 2015

Hi Trish

Have a look at PHP's fputcsv function:



On Jul 9, 2015, at 12:21 PM, VanBuskirk, Patricia <pvanbuskirk at fsu.edu> wrote:

> Hi Group!
> Is there a way, using fx.php to create a csv text file of search results on the FM or web publishing server?
> Example of how we need the results,
> "FSU01","TSR0002216","Information Technology Services (ITS) - ","TSR","OTC","OTC","2","OPEN","","07/06/2015","07/06/2016"
> "FSU01","TSR0002316","Arts & Sciences College of - ","TSR","OTC","OTC","2","OPEN","","07/08/2015","07/08/2016"
> "FSU01","TSR0002916","Information Technology Services (ITS) - ","TSR","OTC","OTC","2","OPEN","","07/09/2015","07/09/2016"
> "FSU01","TSR0003016","Alumni Association - ","TSR","OTC","OTC","2","OPEN","","07/09/2015","07/09/2016"
> We presently have a "script robot" set up that exports a file every 1/2 hour within a FM client.  We are trying to get rid of that FM installation and automate it through php.  I was actually trying to run a FM script through FM Server, but it seems export is not a permitted script step for server script scheduling.
> Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
> Trish
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