[FX.php List] FileMaker Server 14 and FX.php

Steven Thoms steve at steventhoms.com
Sun Aug 30 13:57:36 MDT 2015


My requests in FM14 on windows are requiring authentication at the IIS level. Any ideas on how to avoid this. Everything is returning a 4 error.

Also, I had to skip -FMDBNames because the url FX generates:


fails in the browser where


does not.

BTW - all the query urls return data in the browser, but with the IIS authentication in place, they all turn to error 4s in the code.

Any help is appreciated. I am truly stuck. I know you may not know IIS well enough, but this is my first stop...


Steve Thoms
steve at steventhoms.com
207 798-0171

207 798-0171

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