[FX.php List] FileMaker integration with SalesForce.com

csinfo csinfo at criticalsolution.com
Mon Sep 29 13:02:09 MDT 2014

I have 2 clients that want to communicate with SalesForce.com both ways. I
have done some preliminary searches and it seems to me one could write some
PHP code using FX for the FileMaker data part and use the SalesForce PHP
toolkit (s 
ample code 
ise) for the SF part.
I really do not want to start from scratch. HAS ANY BODY DONE THIS? Or are
there other ways you can think of to communicate with SalesForce.com? Any
It also seem this is a potential opportunity to provide a third party api or
tool for FM > SF > FM, anybody interested?
I would be even interested in having someone write some sample PHP/FX code
where I can take it from there.
John Funk

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