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Kevin Futter KFutter at sbc.vic.edu.au
Mon Oct 20 19:53:28 MDT 2014

I don¹t really see how this could be made to work securely Joel. We have a
similar set up at my workplace, where AD credentials mediate access to
both FileMaker databases and any local web solution requiring
authentication. Authentication to websites though happens entirely outside
of FM; once credentials have been verified and group membership
established (where relevant), access to the web resource is granted, and
by extension, any content pulled out of FM. We have several sites that
work like this, and I¹d love to know a secure way of emulating an
SSO-style scheme, so that once you¹ve logged into one, you¹ve logged in to
them all. There are multiple web servers involved too, so it remains
firmly in the too-hard basket for us.


On 21/10/2014 12:38 pm, "Joel Shapiro" <mail at jsfmp.com> wrote:

>Hi all
>I've got a client using Active Directory for FM's External
>Authentication.  They maintain AD Groups, and we use these accounts for
>both FMP & CWP logins.  It all works well.
>They also use a service that's got a separate, non-FM web 'portal' that
>users log into with their AD credentials, using an LDAP server in the
>client's network.  (I'll call this site ExternalSite)
>They would like to allow a user who's logged into ExternalSite to access
>their CWP site(s) without having to log in again through the CWP
>interface. (SSO)
>I don't know LDAP very well.  Here are my thoughts:
>a) It seems to me that in order to log into the current CWP sites with
>authentication data from ExternalSite we'd need to get the password as
>well as the username so that we could hit the AD server and determine the
>user's AD Group.
>b) If we don't get the password from ExternalSite, we could potentially
>create a generic "web" account in FM and allow verified users to log in
>with that -- but then we woud not have access to their AD Group to
>determine their role, so it seems we'd need to maintain a User/Access
>table in FM (ugh).
>ExternalSite's IT says they *can* include the password in their hashed
>string but would rather not.
>Have any of you dealt with this before?  Is it a bad idea to have
>ExternalSite include the password in their hashed string?  Could there be
>a way to get something from ExternalSite and use that to hit the LDAP
>server again to somehow get AD credentials?  (remember, I don't know LDAP
>well :-P)  Any other thoughts/suggestions?
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